How to Fix Crooked Teeth

Individuals with crooked teeth have various alternatives to fix this issue; however, the state of imperfection can only decide which method to follow. For minor defects, tooth reshaping as well as the bonding, and veneers are all great choices. Invisible and Conventional braces work for more direct changes and are normally coupled with continuous retainer use. Breaking the jaw or even pulling the teeth can be required in a complex situation, but since these are more obtrusive strategies with a higher threat of inconveniences and disease, dental specialists  normally suggest them just when no other method for straightening is available.
You can get fixed your crooked teeth with tooth reshaping, Bonding, Veneers, Traditional braces, invisible braces, retainers, jaw reconstruction, and a few more options –
Tooth Reshaping: The name tells us all; fixing crooked teeth through manually shaping process. There are two techniques involved in reshaping; polishing and gentle abrasion. In this way, the dentist removes small imperfections such as chips, or small imbalances that causes crooked teeth. Normally, a dentist can complete this process in one single session; however, a few basic procedures are involved in this process for examination.

Bonding: In a lot of cases, bonding is combined with tooth reshaping, which includes applying resin and quartz mixture directly on the natural tooth. The dental professional  sculpts this mixture so that it looks sleek and mixes properly, after which he treats it with a laser device, and polishes it. While having this done is less expensive than some other choices, the blend that goes on the tooth can stain and is delicate to high pH as well as the stress, which means that it is not good for people who eat lots of acid or fatty foods, or the folks who grind their teeth.
Veneers: Many people refer veneers over the bonding, because they last longer and are a great way to change the smile. The veneers are more costly as compared to the bonding or reshaping; however, they are worth the price.

Braces: Braces are also good for fixing crooked teeth. Tradition and invisible, both are great for fixing crooked teeth. If the condition of crooked teeth is intense, then this method is a great way to fix.

Jaw Reconstruction: Sometimes jaw contributes to this condition of crooked teeth. This may be due to wrong development of the facial bone or due to genetic problems. Jaw reconstruction is a surgical procedure which is needed in severe conditions.