The Reality of Buttock Augmentations

Songs are dedicated to it.
Women want it.
Men love it

There are entire exercise programs that revolve around this one body part. But what do you do when dieting, squats and leg presses aren’t enough to give you the silhouette you desire? As women many of us are obsessed with getting the perfect booty. So it should come as no surprise that Butt Augmentations are on the rise in society today. In 2013 the average cost of this cheeky procedure was between $5000-$8000

Some of your surgical options include
Fat Transfers
Brazilian Butt Lifts
Butt Implants
Fat transfers and Brazilian Butt Lifts are the least invasive procedures but the results can vary widely over the course of a year and it is possible that you will be left with the same derriere as before due to fat re-absorption. Because of this Butt implants are quickly gaining traction. Male and Female butt implants are generally safe and effective in improving your overall appearance.

What should I consider when choosing my surgeon?
If you are interested in having this procedure done, it is imperative that you find the right surgeon to do the job. The right surgeon will spend time with you discussing your goals for the surgery and your desired appearance afterwards. A good female plastic surgeon like Daniel Rodriguez MD | Michigan will be up front about the costs, risks and recovery time associated with this procedure. You should feel comfortable asking your surgeon any questions you may have in your consultation and it is always wise to bring a note pad or tablet to take notes of anything you think you may forget.

So how is the procedure completed?
Under general anesthesia the surgeon will create an incision either underneath the buttocks where the thigh and cheek meet, or in the buttock crease which is preferred by many patients because the scarring is less obvious. The implants are placed high on the buttock to prevent shifting. When you have recovered from your implants you will find that you barely notice your new butt at all and never experience the sensation of sitting on an implant.

What are the risks?
It is rare to experience any adverse side effects. However with any surgical procedure there potential

Some of the risks include:

Muscle or nerve damage.
Abnormal bleeding.

Implants can shift causing the buttocks to become uneven. Adverse reactions associated with general anesthesia. Post-operative pain. – This side effect should be easily managed with medication that your doctor will prescribe you for recovery.

In conclusion,

Cosmetic surgery is giving many of us the option to finally have what didn’t come naturally. The definition of beauty in America is changing. The days of waif-like models with thin hips and small breasts are coming to an end as we enter this new era of celebrating curvaceous bodies with ample rear-ends. For more information about cosmetic surgery